Out of great joy, I started this blog to help lovely people around me and to share my experiences. All the content i have given is purely out of my experience and looking the way things were around me.

When i started to write about me in this very page, the moment i realized again that “I am nothing” and had a smile on my face.

I have completed¬†graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering in a small town of India which later became capital of a state. Had 5 years of IT Experience under a Technology Analyst role in one of the India’s top Software Organization and never came down in my annual ratings. But none gave me a great pleasures and always were in a search of happiness,joy and strived to push myself harder to achieve something else that people around me have achieved without noticing the one that i already have within.

I went to a deeper search and done almost everything that I could, ultimately I got an answer when i went through a course called VIPASSANA. Its my life changer,off course to many one. Then my hunt and search for happiness stopped and stepped into a path that i have to walk.. I walked,ran,crawled and everything was amazing..Life became awesome, world looked wonderful,people around me looked lovable and innocent. That’s the moment i realized that the ‘Joy that one could strive to achieve comes within and its the ultimate joy’. That is how this blog was born.

Enjoy my writings,try to implement if you feel it adds to you.Spread the word, if you feel it worked out for you.Kindly ignore my poor English spells and grammer.