How to walk? 

You need to appreciate things that you do in a day.

As we are tending towards a fast forward ,busy and “modernized” life , we are missing real part of ourself and working towards giving priorities,importance towards only few aspects of our life. Due to this reason, many of us, feel depressed when they didn’t get what they have planned or prioritized. 

We need to work towards looking all aspects of our life from the time you woke up and the moment you sleep , in a same normal that you will be able to appreciate every moment of your life.

Coming to WALKING,

Walking two years back was a normal aspect of my life which I have never cared off, I usually either think of some other things, listen to music or attend a call etc., but never cared or aware that “I’m walking ”

After my vipassana meditation course, I started to walk in reality with the awareness of the fact that “I’m walking” . The immense pleasure that it gives when I really realise that I’m walking, it cannot be replaced by any big things in life which I would have though off during my walk earlier or the music that I heard.

How do I walk in reality?

It’s very simple, when you start to walk for any thing either for a shop,office,travel etc., Just start building your awareness of  ‘actions you do while walking’ .

Usually when you start walking , you pull your legs up, move forward, move your hands, breath, look around etc., All these things we would not be aware earlier, now just start observing these aspects normally on how we do ‘ with joy’, just observe as you are observe birds moving in the sky.

To maintain equanimity, observe from feet to head and head to feet, all different movements ,sensations and feel the life within. Remember to observe everything objectively.

Aware of your movements with in,wonderful nature around ,without self. Bright up your soul with joy. STEP FORWARD.

What to do if other thoughts or external objects pulls your attention?

The moment you realize that your attention drifted, question yourself whether it is important, if so complete that and come to awareness of walk and start enjoying your way.

 In this way, when you start realizing the things you do in a day with a joy.  You tend to live within and with a joy and also helps you to come out of chatter box(mind). We need not go for a holiday trip to refresh ourself , when you start to enjoy your daily aspects , you feel refreshed every moment and would have wonderful moments of peace within.

Be happy. Enjoy your walk. Feel free to comment here if you feel to share or for any questions. 

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