Master your Mind to master your way of living

Most of us would have mastered Academics,Arts,Skills etc., but very few would have mastered their mind. If you master your mind, you can easily master any of the above and most importantly you can master YOURSELF.

A well mastered mind will be like your lovely pet and does whatever you like to, else it would become a wild animal and brings lot of displeasure. One can master their mind with Dedication,Patience and Persistence.

Everyone want to be happy all the time but they fail and try to search for the reasons and points out some external sources as cause for their unhappiness. This was absolutely false, we are not happy because we haven’t trained ourself to be happy irrespective of any external cause. To train yourself to be happy, you need to train your mind in a way it should be.

we have been training our mind without notice, all the time creating an imaginary picture of “I” to ourself with conditions to react with happiness when something good happens to this “I” and sorrow when it goes wrong. This wont give us actual fruits of happiness.

When one trains their mind, to look at the things as they really are, by mere observation without reacting, one can attain a state of Unconditional Joy irrespective of external and internal factors. They would come out of their boundaries that “I” has created and nothing could stop the Joy that comes within.

When you have a pure mind without “I”, Happiness and Joy follows you as a everlasting shadow

To master your mind, there might be different ways that you might have learnt or heard off but I would suggest you to try Vipassana Meditation, one of the ancient techniques rediscovered by self enlightened one, Buddha the Gauthama. It is very practical in nature, and one has to experience themself to understand the technique.

Vipassana Retreat:

Fortunately, Vipassana Meditation technique was currently available in its original form and was taught by S.N. Goenka. It in an 10 day course (free of cost,donations accepted) available in many countries and one has to stay within the meditation center through out the course. Though the conditions that they provided would look like difficult initially,but everything was structured for a reason. You can see the complete details and register yourself in . Booking is available through out the year , you can choose your slot anytime for one calendar year from current date.

It is an clinical way to remove all the durt from our mind and purifies to its original state. The discourse contains two techniques,

  1. Anapana – Meditation technique to master your mind.
  2. Vipassana – Meditation technique to remove dust from your mind.

I have gone through the course in Chennai,India and I would recommend to everyone to atleast try before they decide if it works out for them or not. 10 days in the entire life was not a big deal and who knows it can be life changer, so why not give a try.

Until you choose to take the 10 day course, you can practice Mini Anapana taught by S.N. Goenka. Given below are the links taken from

Now that you can start Mini Anapana daily at any time and in any place, So that it helps to Master your mind. I would suggest to do it daily twice atleast, once you wake up and before you sleep so that you can have mastery through out the day.

All the best. Be happy and be Joyfull. Spread happiness to others.

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