Live in the moment

Living in the present moment is as though as climbing mount everest. Once you got through, only sky would be the limit.

Most of the humans live in either past or future.They miss their past or think of the future at any moment.

But when we are in the present moment aware of what we are doing,I believe those are the moments we are actually LIVING IN.

The moments that you are aware of the breath that comes in, the speech that goes out, toughts that flow,sensations on the body were the wonderful moments that you have experienced from the life within.

When you start building these moments one by one, they become the everlast joy experiencing the truth within.

Start living in the moment.

Big question, how to live in the present moment?

Start developing the awareness of the thing that you are doing in a moment,
For example : If you are walking, observe how you walk,movement of legs,steps,hands and sensations at different parts of the body.
Just observe everything naturally, no evaluations,no thinking,no conclusions.. only Observation. If your leg moves up, observe objectively that leg has moved up..

Similarly if you are thinking , observe objectively as thinking.. laughing,crying, running,eating. Everything that you do, just observe as it is.

What would i get if i observe the leg and hand moments etc.,?
You started feeling the actual life within you. Coming closer to the reality of yourself and into the present moment. I just gave example of walking, you can apply the same for all activities that you perform in a day.

Everything is normal in this world, we have given priorities to some out of our ignorance and tuned ourself to think of them. You should not even care of the next moment,though if you know its last one.

Start building yourself to live in the moment, to live within.

Be happy, Spread the happiness to others.

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