How to start your day?

How you started your day matters the most. If you start with a joy, it follows you as a shadow for the entire day keeping you energetic and pleasant, no matters how busy your schedule may be. Try below 5 simple steps to get yourself prepared for the day,

  1. Wake up with a smile and push yourself out of bed:                                                               How many of you peep into Mobile, Facebook, Watsapp etc., as first thing in the morning, then fall half sleep until the next alarm rings. Yes I can see so many hands rising up there 🙂 . And some cases the alarm keeps snoozing for next 15mins.

This was a lazy habit pattern that we have trained to our mind and wonderful thing is you can stop this habit anytime, why don’t you choose from today?

Lets start a good habit pattern,

  • The moment you recognize that you came to conscious state, start smiling at yourself gently hoping for a better today and help yourself from sleeping to sitting position.
  • As you do this, the laziness and the sleep mode will slowly drifts away. Importantly do not fall back to bed again or try to pick your phone 🙂 ). Sitting position helps you to come out of your sleep mood.
  • Now, come out of your bed. Say good morning to your loved one(don’t miss your smile here) and proceed to the next step below

When you train your mind in this way, your internal alarm will wake you up on the same time everyday. you need not even have to keep an alarm. Believe that you have most advanced brain than your mobile, only that we are not using it as we have to.

  1. Take water to cleanse your body :                                                                                  Your body needs water to flush out the waste material that comes out of purification process that it does in the night. So the first thing you need to do in a day is to have water. Take 2-3 glasses of water on an average and you could choose accordingly (Better if you have the water filled in a bottle next to your bed overnight, so that it could be handy in the morning)
  • Take the bottle/water and pick a place in your home, where you have a good natural view either from window/balcony.
  • Have the water by enjoying the soothing noise of birds, gentle fresh air that touches your face. Enjoy the moment ,with the slow sips of water.

Yes we have this wonderful natural music daily, but we miss to listen. Take some time listening to this music that nature plays, in the meanwhile the water will do the job of purifying the body.

In exactly 10 mins (might be early or late for someone), water does the trick and your nature calls 🙂 ). Help yourself to the morning routines with the same mood.

I knew some people often go to morning walk, exercise right from the bed without body cleansing (purifying the body with water). That won’t be a right way. You need to first purify the body, so that it would come to the active state and will work the way you need. So having water is very important and in a joyful way would add the extra flavor that gives a good kick start for your next step.

  1. Do body stretches:                                                                                                          If you have already started a physical activity, go ahead else follow this simple body stretches so that the all the vital parts gets activated and there would be free flow of energy movement. When you have a free flow of energy in your body, you will feel light and joyful. Helps in daily activities for rest of the day.

    Remember to concentrate on the activity you do with a joy, no matter how small/big it is. Being in the present moment and doing it with a joy matters.

Read body stretches here: Body stretches

  1. Meditation :                                                                                                              Once you are done with stretches , relax for a while and start meditation. Though this was added as a separate activity, All the steps that you did above were one or the other forms of Meditation. Meditation is being aware of the one you do, forgetting the things around you. I tried many meditation techniques earlier, but the most effective way is Anapana, Vipassana. These are the most ancient techniques rediscovered by Gautama Buddha and helps you not only to train your mind but also for Liberation. If you are already on other meditation techniques and if it is helping out you,keep doing it.

One has to do meditation as it is the only way that you can train your mind, the way it should work. Meditation is for all, to know oneself.

Read Meditation techniques here:  Anapana, Vipassana

  1. Good Breakfast :

When I say good breakfast, it doesn’t mean something special. Whatever the breakfast that you are going to have, have it pleasantly (World around you will not suddenly turn Blue, if you do not care about it 🙂 ). Keep all other things (mobile, TV), inside (thoughts) aside and have the breakfast.

Importantly don’t skip your breakfast. I don’t know the science, medical terms but if I skip my breakfast, I can see my respective organs which I am using seems to be starving and asks me FOOD, FOOD in the form of displeasure, ache, no interest etc.,

What if am on a diet?  I am sorry you should have something to start in the morning, atleast for the organs which burns the fats into calories (Common Sense applied)

To sum up,these might be normal things that we do daily, but we miss to be aware of them. So they lose their actual charm. By following above five simple steps you have made yourself ready for the day in all forms, Body (Stretches and Food), Mind (Meditation), Heart and Soul (Joy)

Feel the food that you have, smell the breathe that comes in, Rejoice yourself sinking into the present moment. Wake up the real joy within.

I am done, go ahead for your planned day, Remember to continue the same for the rest of day i.e., ‘Live in the moment that you do with a joy’.

I have been practicing all the above from a while and could see a drastic change in my life. Small things that you do with awareness make lot of difference in a big way. Hope this helps you and its your turn to follow if you wish to.Thanks for your valuable time,Don’t miss to post your comment if you have anything to share.

Keep Smiling, Spread the smile to others. Its free of cost 🙂

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